Learning Goals for Oct. 2-6


  • 3.4A(R)Solve with fluency one-step and two-step problems involving addition and subtraction within 1,000 using strategies based on place value, properties of operations, and relationship between addition and subtraction
  • 3.5A(R)Represent one- and two- step problems involving addition and subtraction of whole numbers to 1,000 using pictorial models, number lines, and equations

Homework: Study your basic addition facts, record in log. I will check these logs on Friday. Your child will earn extra recess Friday if this is complete and he/she has had good behavior all week.


3.10A ~ explore how structures and functions of plants and animals allow them to survive in a particular environment

Other Information:

Limeades For Learning Voting has started!

  • Go to Sonic and get as many Limeades for Learning stickers as you can.
  • Send them to school and your student will get teacher bucks or other small rewards!
  • Go and vote or donate through links on earlier post.

Big Kahuna Fundraiser has started!

  • Students need to sell, sell, sell!
  • Bring filled out tickets each time you sell something to be entered into the big drawings.
  • Every sale helps our classroom achieve our goals!!!

Wednesday, October 4th is early release~~~12:00 pm



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