Week Of November 6-10


  • 3.4D~determine the total number of objects when equally-sized groups of objects are combined or arranged in arrays up to 10 by 10
  • 3.4E~represent multiplication facts by using a variety of approaches such as repeated addition, equal-sized groups, arrays, area models, equal jumps on a number line, and skip counting
  • 3.4F~recall facts to multiply up to 10 by 10 with automaticity and recall the corresponding division facts
  • 3.4G ~use strategies and algorithms, including the standard algorithm, to multiply a two-digit number by a one-digit number. Strategies may include mental math, partial products, and the commutative, associative, and distributive properties

Homework: Study your basic subtraction facts, record in the log. I will check these logs on Friday. Your child will earn extra recess Friday if this is complete and he/she has had good behavior all week.


  • 3.5B ~ describe and classify samples of matter as solids, liquids, and gases and demonstrate that solids have a definite shape and liquids and gases take the shape of their container

Upcoming Events:

  • Thursday ~ subtraction mad minute test, vocabulary test
  • Friday ~ homework due, NO pep rally
  • Nov. 6-10 ~ Annual Food Drive
  • Nov. 6-27 ~ bring box tops (class with most wins a pizza party)
  • Nov. 16th ~ Scholastic Book Orders due (last one before holidays)
  • Nov. 20-24th ~ Thanksgiving Break

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