Week of Feb 19-23

3.3F(R)- represent equivalent fractions with denominators of 2, 3, 4, 6, and 8 using a variety of objects and pictorial models, including number lines
3.3G(S)- explain that two fractions are equivalent if and only if they are both represented by the same point on the number line or represent the same portion of a same size whole for an area model
3.3H(R)- compare two fractions having the same numerator or denominator in problems by reasoning about their sizes and justifying the conclusion using symbols, words, objects, and pictorial models

3.6B- demonstrate and observe how position and motion can be changed by pushing and pulling objects to show work being done such as swings, balls, pulleys, and wagons
3.6C- observe forces such as magnetism and gravity acting on objects

Homework: Motivation Math homework pages 46. Extra fact practice homework for students who scored less than 20/30 on Mad Minute. Study your multiplication facts (0-10), record on the log. I will check logs and homework pages Friday. No Fun Friday if any part of the homework is missing or not complete.

Other Information:
Monday, February 19th ~ President’s Day, School Holiday
Thursday, February 21st ~ Mad Minute for all facts, Vocabulary Test
Friday, February 22nd ~ Motivation Math homework due, reading packet due,  math log due

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