Vocabulary Set 1

We have started our Math Vocabulary Words this week. Your child has a bag of cards in his/her homework folder. These should be practiced at home and brought back to school to also practice. We will have a quiz on these words on September 9th.

Vocabulary Set 1

Factor ~ A number that is multiplied by another number to find a product

Product ~ The answer to a multiplication problem

Square Fact ~ Multiplication facts (doubles) that form squares when modeled with an array

Standard Form ~ A number written with one digit for each place value

Whole Number ~ The set of counting numbers and zero

Quotient ~ The answer to a division problem

Place Value ~ The value determined by the position of a digit in a number

Decimal Point ~ The dot used to separate the ones place from the tenths place in a  decimal number

Expanded Form ~ A way to write numbers that shows the value of each digit

Expanded Notation ~ A way to write numbers that shows the value of the digits as a sum of each digit multiplied by its place value

Difference ~ The answer to a subtraction problem

Decimal Number ~ A number with a decimal point that separates the ones from the tenths 

Sum ~ The answer to an addition problem

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