Skills Practice at HOME

During the next few weeks of “social distancing”, the kids may be looking for things to do.  Grade-level practice packets will be available for pick-up outside the Intermediate beginning Tuesday morning. In addition to those activities,  some links are provided below for both online activities and activities/games  in all subjects that may be made and played at home.


1. The kids can continue to practice their math facts using XtraMath.  If you are unable to log in, email Mrs. Hunter ([email protected]) or Mrs. Odom ([email protected]) and we will send you the information.   We get daily reports on the kids’ progress.

2.  Online Multiplication Fact Practice

3. Several math assignments have been made in Prodigy–but the kids MUST use their school email address/password when logging in.  ([email protected]) The assignments ensure that the kids are working on at least 4th grade-level skills.

4. Students may also log in to Google Classroom using their school email to complete or finish the assignments on Adding Fractions & Adding Mixed Numbers.  If parents want to know more about Google Classroom, click on this link to find out:  The Parents’ Guide to Google Classroom

5. Several math assignments have also been made in Khan Academy. Again, students will need to log in with their school email address.

6. Our 4th Grade Math Sites  has many links to various types of skill practice.

7.  Virtual Tours of 12 Famous Museums

8. Scholastic Magazines

9.  Education Companies Offering Free Subscriptions due to School Closings

10. ReadWorks is a site that provides grade-level STAAR-like passages for reading practice.  Students must log in with the appropriate class code:

  • Bussey:  7UNK7C
  • Clift:  HLZWTT
  • Hunter:  3632EK
  • Odom:  YY2WKJ
  • Vineyard:  5SLECE
  • Wiley:  VTCNU2

11.  Mystery Science– Parents may sign up for mini-lessons for free.


1. 3 Weeks of Maker Stations You Can Do at Home

2.  Scholastic: 15 Math Games in 15 Minutes or Less

3. 25 Fun Math Activities and Games that Kids Can Do at Home for Free

4. Non-screen Activities You Can Do at Home

5. 4 Outdoor Science Scavenger Hunts

6.  4 Life Science Home Projects

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