Vocabulary Words ~ Week of 11/11

Digital Media Vocabulary

Test is on Friday, November 15 – STUDY HARD

1.  media – a means of communicating information

Examples: newspaper, television, radio, billboard, Internet

2. media message –  the intended meaning presented and communicated by the media

Example: Many people are born physically or mentally impaired. They don’t let that hold them back from being happy.  The only disability in life is having a bad attitude. Having a great attitude plays a HUGE role in our lives.

3. media techniques –  a method used to communicate information

Examples: sound effects, color, graphics, images, music, photographs

4. graphic –  a visual image such as a diagram, illustration, symbol, drawing, photograph, or graph


5. digital media –  electronic communication

Examples: blog, e-mail, discussion group, instant messaging, website, and Internet

6. forms of media – types of media used to give information

Examples: commercial, speech, advertisement, documentary, Internet, newspaper, television, and radio

7. advertise –  to call attention to a product; to announce of give praise to a particular product

8. advertisement techniques –  a method used to draw people to your product

Examples: Catchy slogans such as Burger King’s “Have It Your Way”, logos, promotion, repetition, catchy jingle (song),  and exaggeration

9. analyze – to study an idea or object by breaking it into smaller pieces or parts

10. message – a theme, lesson, or moral

Reader’s Cafe

Today Mrs. Turner went through and gave each student that had not completed Reader’s Cafe a new paper and highlighted the assignments they needed to turn it. These are due tomorrow and it is for a grade. Please take a moment to ask your child if they finished Reader’s Cafe. Only a few students have completed an appetizer, main dish, and dessert.


Spelling Week of 11/4

Spelling Test is on Thursday, November 7, 2013 – STUDY HARD!

Practice words on Spelling City (you can find this site on the right-hand side of my blog). Start on your Spelling Menu (complete 4 of the fun spelling activities for  5 extra credit points on your Language Arts grade).  Spelling Menu activities due Wednesday, November 6.

  1.  The shiny rock sparkled in the river.
  2. Mark’s new video game was too easy.
  3. The popsicle melted and made my fingers sticky.
  4. My cousin is coming over Friday to spend the night.
  5. Can I have a grilled cheese for lunch?
  6. I like white toast over wheat.
  7. Mia paid a quarter for lemonade.
  8. We are having a car wash in June.
  9. Watch out for the ant pile!
  10. The science program raised money for new lab equipment.
  11. JT has three dogs.
  12. Throw me the ball!” exclaimed Trinity.
  13. Luke slid to home plate to score and got a scrape on his knee.
  14. It’s really hard not to scratch when you have poison ivy.
  15. The street I live on is very quiet.
  16. The Hulk is as strong as an ox!
  17. Lily hoped spring would come early this year.
  18. Please don’t spray me with the water hose!
  19. I think roller coasters are a thrill.
  20. When Mrs. Turner saw the monster, she let out a scream!

Sell That Cookie Dough!

This is the final weekend for the White Oak Intermediate Cookie Dough Fundraiser. Completed order forms and money should be returned on Wednesday, November 6th.  Parents, please check to make sure that the total of the orders matches the total amount of money returned. Mismatched orders and money may result in orders not being placed. This is very important.

Good luck to each of our students and a big thank you to each of our parents! Make this a profitable weekend for your school.

The top selling class of each grade level will win a new IPad for the classroom! We would LOVE another one for our room, so SELL SELL SELL that dough!!

Spelling Test Thursday

These are the SAME spelling words as last week.  Test is THIS Thursday (10/24). Be sure and head to Spelling City to practice words in a fun and engaging way.  Find Spelling City on the right-hand side of my blog.

Spelling Menu Due 10/24 (Complete 4 activities on the Spelling Menu page for 5 extra credit bonus points)

1. I have a slight headache, can I lay my head down?
2. Mom likes mild salsa instead of hot salsa.
3. At Sarah’s slumber party, we stayed up until midnight!
4. A seeing eye dog can help blind people do everyday tasks.
5. The flight to Alabama will last 3 hours.
6. Buzz Aldrin was a pilot in the Air Force.
7. Can I paint my room purple?
8.  Tomorrow I have a dentist appointment at 4:00.
9.  That costume is frightening!
10. Can we carve the pumpkin tonight?
11. Did you see that rainbow yesterday?
12. My favorite dessert is apple pie.
13.  Today we did a science project on the water cycle.
14.  Justin wanted to explain why he chose the answer.
15.  My dog ripped a hole in the screen window.
16.  Chloe loved the cold weather.
17.  When is the next football game?
18.  Lunch is served at 11:35.
19.  My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving.
20.  On Wednesday, we go to music for enhancements.

Vocabulary Oct. 21st

Study hard and be able to apply words.

1. main idea –  A main idea is important information that tells more about the overall idea of a paragraph or section of a text.

2. details – specific details that support the main idea

3.  cause – an event or action that causes something else to happen

BECAUSE THE GIRL WAS COLD (CAUSE), she turned up the heat (effect).

4. effect – An event or action that happened as a result of another event or action.
It answers the question “what happened?”

I was hungry (cause), so I ate (EFFECT).

5. canyon – a valley between cliff walls (often with a stream flowing through it)


Example:  the Grand Canyon

6. coast – area where ocean meets land

7. cliff – a steep wall of rock

8. mesa -a hill with a FLAT top and STEEP sides


9.  gulf – large area of a sea or ocean partially enclosed by land (opposite of a peninsula)


10.  river – a large natural stream of water flowing in a channel to the sea, a lake, or another such stream.

Example: Mississippi River